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Our tree work

Scroll this page to see some examples of our tree work including some pics of a tree emergency service after a storm hit. On our Gallery page you will find some examples of “before” and “after”. You are curious what other clients say? Read some of the handwritten notes we received from happy clients.  And last but not least we invite you to check out our brand new referral program for our clients. See how you  can help us and we will help you! 

Our work - some examples of our tree work

During the past years, the tree work of Alliance Tree Care consisted in over 2500 tree jobs in the Twin Cities Metro area. Accordingly, some pictures of tree removal with a crane assist in the St. Paul area as well as in Lino Lakes.  Below you will find some images of our emergency tree service in the Shoreview area. 

Our tree work - Tree removal June 17th, 2020 - St. Paul area

Photos above of our work were taken on June of 2020 in the St. Paul area. In conclusion, we removed a 42″ dia. Poplar that was butted up against a garage.  That is to say, the root system was pushing up the driveway and the foundation of the neighbor’s garage.  So removal was the only option and is a common issue for homeowners. As with all our projects, we completed this one safely & precisely.

Our tree work - Tree removal July 17th, 2019 - Lino Lakes area

Our work in July of 2019 in the Lino Lakes area consisted of the removal of  2 85′ x 60″ dia Cottonwood trees.  Firstly, one of them had an open hole that was making the tree unstable and in addition, the other was planted too close to a garage and property line.  However, property line trees are never an easy conversation but we make every effort to make sure all homeowners are happy with the decision and outcome of the project. 

Our tree work - Tree removal August, 2018 - Como/St. Paul area

These photos of our tree work are from August of 2018 in the Como/St. Paul area.  In short, we removed a 110′ x 65″+ dia. Cottonwood that was wedged between two homes on a small fenced in back yard.  To do the job safely & precisely, we always bring state-of-the-art professional tools. Here we used a 120-ton crane and blocked off Como Ave. to spend 10 hours removing this spectacular specimen.  Certainly, it is not every day you come across a tree project like this.  

Emergency tree service July 25th, 2019 - Shoreview area

Tree work was done in September of 2019 in the Shoreview area.  In short, we removed a 70′ Ash tree from a home that was rotten at the base after strong winds came through and laid it down on the home.  Most importantly this is another reason PHC (Plant Health Care) is such an important part of homeownership.  That is to say, a situation such as this could have been prevented. 

Our tree work areas

Our office is located in Oak Park Heights, Minneapolis, so our tree work area covers the entire region around Minneapolis, for example in the White Bear Lake area but of course we cover a lot more areas. So if you have some tree work to be done, like tree trimming or pruning, stump grinding or removal or maybe you only need some maintenance on your yard? Our professional tree arborists can help you! Don´t hesitate to contact us by email, by phone, or fill in our form on the homepage. At the same time, you can find all the areas we work in on our contact page

Our tree work area in Minnesota
This map covers a big part of our tree work area.