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Landscaping vs tree care Unlike landscaping companies whose specialties lie in caring for lawns, shrubs and gardens, hardscaping, tree care companies specifically specialize in trimming, planting, disease/insect management and removing trees. Because landscaping and tree care companies are so vastly different, it is important that homeowners and property owners realize the many ways that they differ before unknowingly hiring the wrong person for the job. Tree care services and what they provide If you need …

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chestnut leaves during autumn

The American chestnut tree

Castanea dentata The American chestnut (Castanea dentata) was once a major part of America’s forests in the eastern states. Besides its beauty, size, speed of growth and longevity, its rot-resistant and straight-grained timber was highly valued for use in furniture, fencing, and for building materials. The nuts of the American chestnut were used as feedstock for cattle and were a traditional food during winter holidays. Chestnut blight Unfortunately, during the past 100 years or so, …

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featured image preparing trees for fall

Tips to prepare trees for fall

Prepare your trees for fall Fall is a great time to make sure your trees have an extra layer of mulch around them.  Remember folks, NO mulch mounds around the tree trunks.  You’ll want a volcano look to your mulch leaving 2-3” of space between the trunk of your tree and the start of the mulch.  A 2.5”-3” deep mulch bed is perfect.  Prepare your trees for fall – give enough water To prepare your …

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tree care tips during a hot Minnesota summer

3 Tree Care tips In Hot MN Summers

Tree care tips in summertime Summer brings out the best in the trees! Yes, they do! But it is in this season that trees fall victim to a variety of problems such as summer storms, pests, and diseases among others. So the best way to care for trees during a hot summer is with tree care services.  Here are some tree care tips to protect your plants and trees in the hot MN summer. Plant the …

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3 Reasons to Hire a Tree Service in Minnesota

Hire a tree service Home to more than two dozen different species of trees, the state of Minnesota is well known for its versatile topography. From the weather condition to the soil, every aspect is ideal to grow trees that add to the beauty of their surroundings. In addition to the pleasing view, these trees also provide shelter to various wildlife, offer shade on a sunny day, enrich the beauty and improve the quality of …

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