Storm damage after a tree comes down on a house

Storm damaged trees

Dealing with storm damaged trees Cleanup following a storm can be an overwhelming task for homeowners, and so is repairing storm damaged trees. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) says that knowing which trees to save and which to remove after a windstorm can impact people’s safety and the survival of their remaining trees. Clean up Alliance Tree Care Inc. is the premier provider of trusted tree care services in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. …

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Backyard tree trimming reasons banner

5 Reasons For Backyard Tree Trimming

5 Reasons Backyard Tree Trimming is Necessary Backyard tree trimming is necessary if you want to keep your garden healthy. Among others, backyard tree trimming reduces pests and animals. Did you know that trees can cut down pollution by as much as fifty percent? Growing trees in your yard can not only reduce pollution, but also reduce cooling costs during summer, offer various fruits and flowers, and improve the mood among others.  While they offer various …

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Best time to prune trees – Do´s and don’ts during 4 seasons

Pruning & trimming seasons As fall sneaks it’s little head around the corner, it brings upon yet another season to prune and trim your trees and plants.  In Minnesota, one of our most prevalent trees is the Oak tree.  As avid forest preservationist, we strive to protect any and all trees. We know that Oak Wilt is a very progressive disease.  Please see our Oak Wilt blog for further information.  November to April We are currently in …

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