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Shrub care Summer brings its own set of challenges for tree and shrub care. It’s an important time in their annual growth cycle, so you want to take steps to do everything possible to care for them. Water, water & water With most of the country experiencing increasingly hot summers,
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Tree Care Giveaway Help us make the planet a better place to live for everyone and everything. We’re giving away 1400 tree seedlings ASAP at our office located at 5620 Memorial Ave. N. Oak Park Heights, MN 55082. Please contact us at 651-335-9565 BEFORE YOU COME BY, if you’d like


Landscaping vs tree care Unlike landscaping companies whose specialties lie in caring for lawns, shrubs and gardens, hardscaping, tree care companies specifically specialize in trimming, planting, disease/insect management and removing trees. Because landscaping and tree care companies are so vastly different, it is important that homeowners and property owners realize
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Castanea dentata The American chestnut (Castanea dentata) was once a major part of America’s forests in the eastern states. Besides its beauty, size, speed of growth and longevity, its rot-resistant and straight-grained timber was highly valued for use in furniture, fencing, and for building materials. The nuts of the American
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Prepare your trees for fall Fall is a great time to make sure your trees have an extra layer of mulch around them.  Remember folks, NO mulch mounds around the tree trunks.  You’ll want a volcano look to your mulch leaving 2-3” of space between the trunk of your tree
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5 Reasons Backyard Tree Trimming is Necessary Backyard tree trimming is necessary if you want to keep your garden healthy. Among others, backyard tree trimming reduces pests and animals. Did you know that trees can cut down pollution by as much as fifty percent? Growing trees in your yard can not