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Timberline Tree Service

Alliance Tree Care Inc. was formed in the spring of 2019.  Melissa had been the business manager for Timberline Tree Service Inc. for 18 years, and after 43 years, the owner, Karl, was headed toward retirement to spend time with his loving wife Sandy.  Melissa had hired Kelby as her lead foreman for Timberline Tree Service in 2016.  

His 14 years in the tree industry was a welcomed addition to the Timberline Tree Service staff.  Together their passion for trees took a path that differed from that of Timberline Tree Service, geared more toward the sustainability of the planet. 

Melissa Breen owner of Alliance Tree Care Minnesota
Former Timberline staf member Kelby Nelson now owner of Alliance Tree Care Minnesota

For years, supporting business associates of Melissas, urged her to formally take over the company, which had a strong connection with the White Bear Lake community, a community in which Melissa had lived and worked  for over 35 years.  It was at this time, during Karl’s 5-year retirement plan, that the perfect opportunity presented itself. 

The Alliance

Melissa and Kelby wanted a way to show their appreciation for trees on a deeper level.  So, during the initial plan to form a stand-alone tree care company, Melissa came up with the name Alliance.  The word Alliance itself means “a bond or connection between families, states, parties or individuals.”  

This was the ultimate definition of what Melissa and Kelby were trying to display.  The Alliance between Timberline Tree Service and the new Alliance Tree Care Inc..  The Alliance between the clients and the staff.  The Alliance between the humans and the trees.  The Alliance Tree Care moto was quickly born right after the name: “Your Trees Our Passion.” 

Merging Timberline and Alliance

Five months into the infancy of Alliance Tree Care, an unforeseen family illness brought Timberline Tree Service, and Karl’s retirement, to a faster than planned conclusion, and Alliance Tree Care was the single entity.  With the seal of approval from Karl, Melissa and Kelby started the transition of merging Timberline and Alliance.  

No official retirement announcement was made, to try to keep the merger as smooth as possible and to allow for all the kinks to be worked out.  Karl stayed on at Alliance for the first year as not just a salesman, but a personal and professional coach.  

Melissa and Kelby still see Karl a few times a year when they care for the trees on his property, for a coffee here and there, and at the annual erecting of the family Christmas tree at his home. 

Personal Protective Equipment

There have been many upgrades over the last few years.  The first and most important was the need for upgraded equipment and safety PPE (personal protective equipment).  The fleet stays up to date with annual DOT inspections and certifications per the state of MN requirements and on a city level for city licensing.   


Next was the staff.  Not everyone wants to be in the tree industry for the long haul.  A lot of people just need a job to fill their time.  Melissa and Kelby have found that their true passion for trees can be taught to the right person.  Hiring and retaining the right personal as a reflection of the values of Alliance Tree Care Inc., along with the integrity of our planet is of the utmost importance. 

Electronic record keeping

Another major upgrade was that from paper to electronic record keeping.  Each customer, from the beginning of Timberline, to the current, has their own confidential client portal.  The clients can manage specific tree care issues by photographing trees to watch their changes over the years, and specific tree needs can be directed to our staff while on site caring for the trees.  

The days of the three-ply carbon copy estimate to work order are long gone.  Here are the customer controlled secure records providing easy to use proposal acceptance, emailed invoicing, and online bill pay.  All with the ease of the client in mind. 

Our Education

Not to worry, if you are still without an email address or fancy technology, Alliance Tree Care Inc. still has you covered.  Another grand upgrade was to our education.  Melissa and Kelby feel like there is not a day that goes by that they don’t learn something new.      

The tree industry is ever changing and being able to stay up with current exploration and industry science will allow everyone to serve the Alliance Tree Care clients with a greater knowledgebase.  Getting one certification or degree is just the beginning of a lifelong learning journey. 

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