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The following are terms and conditions agrees to by you; the client upon acceptance of the job estimate/proposal

Terms & conditions – Hazardous Conditions/Risks:
Alliance Tree Care Inc. makes no warrant that work performed as a result of this estimate/proposal will prevent tree failure or warranteetree health in  the case of a storm or other natural events. Though estimates/proposals are intended to account and reduce this risk, Alliance Tree Care Inc. provides no warrant that all hazardous conditions can be detected.

Terms & conditions – Insurance:
Alliance Tree Care Inc. carries a one-million-dollar general liability policy along with a one-million-dollar umbrella against damages resulting from personal injury or property damage related to work performed on client property. All employees of Alliance Tree Care Inc. are covered by workman’s compensation insurance. Proof of insurance is available upon request.

Terms & conditions – Ownership:
The client asserts that all trees, shrubs, yard area and property upon which the work is to be performed is either owned by the client or permission has been granted by the rightful owner. The client indemnifies and holds harmless Alliance Tree Care Inc., against any and all claims resulting from the client’s failure to obtain the property permissions. The client assumes all responsibility for providing accurate property markers.

Terms & conditions – Payment:
Payment is due upon completion of the project named in this estimate/proposal unless other arrangements have been made in advance and there is clear documentation of the amendment. A 1.5% credit card fee is charged alongside payment. Alliance Tree Care Inc. will impose a 1.5% monthly finance charge on outstanding balances due after 30 days of completion. IF payment is not received, Alliance Tree Care Inc. has the right under Minnesota State Law to file a Mechanics Lien against the property. The signature on the acceptance document
serves as the right for Alliance Tree Care Inc. to not only file the lien but also hold the homeowner responsible for any and all fees associated in collecting the debt. There is a $45.00 NSF/stop payment fee on all returned checks. The following document as your official pre-lien notification to have the right to collect unpaid debts through the property lien process. Pre-Lien Notice MN Sec. 514.011

Terms & conditions – Underground Utilities and Irrigation Systems:
The client indemnifies and holds harmless Alliance Tree Care Inc., against any and all claims resulting from damage to private unmarked underground utilities including but not limited to, irrigation systems, pet fences, electricity to outbuildings, pools, satellite dishes, wells and septic systems. Commercial utilities will be marked by Alliance Tree Care Inc., along side Gopher State One Call before tree planting and stump grinding.

Terms & conditions – Lawn & Landscape:
It is the responsibility of the client to remove any outdoor furniture, landscape lighting, compost bins, or any other non-permeatelandscape in the area where the work is to be performed. Alliance Tree Care Inc is NOT responsible to replace and non-permanent landscape or outdoor furniture upon completion of this project. Unless noted in the estimate/proposal Alliance Tree Care Inc. does not warranty any damage to lawn as a result of falling wood. Trees can be removed without dropping any logs on the lawn for an extra charge.

Terms & conditions – Oak Tree Pruning:
The “safe” season to prune Oak trees typically runs from November to March. However here in Minnesota, that “safe” season does move around a little due to the weather. We strictly follow the University of Minnesota Extensions updated timeline yearly. We will let you know via email/phone call when we will be out to prune your Oak trees throughout the “safe” winter Oak season. Please read our blog on Oak Wilt to learn more about how Oak Wilt is spreading.

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