tree care tips during hot minnesota summers

3 Tree Care tips In Hot MN Summers

Tree care tips in summertime

Summer brings out the best in the trees! Yes, they do! But it is in this season that trees fall victim to a variety of problems such as summer storms, pests, and diseases among others. So the best way to care for trees during a hot summer is with tree care services.  Here are some tree care tips to protect your plants and trees in the hot MN summer.

Plant the right tree in the right place

Summer is never the right time to plant trees, and if the summer is the hottest in years, then it’s the worst time to plant. But that cannot stop you from planning. You can ensure that the trees you plant will live a healthy long life in your yard and the first thing to plan is to know which tree to plant and where to plant it. Some trees love the sun while others thrive in shade only. By understanding their needs, you can eliminate the risks of losing a tree during the scorching summer. 

One of the most important and crucial tree care tips is to plant a tree that is native to the area or is recognized to grow well through changing weather conditions in the area. Native trees can easily survive the summer without extra care and attention. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand how tall and wide a tree will grow.

Tree care tips: mulch and water them

Minnesota summer can be brutal and to protect your tree, you must mulch the tree base and water it regularly. Mulching may seem counterproductive to many people, but it helps. It insulates the roots and keeps them cool. In addition, mulch retains water, and helps the soil to retain water for longer. The best way to water your trees is a slow drip irrigation system or a slow drip hose. 

If you plant a Shangbark Hickory in the Twin Cities or further north, in a place where there is very little space and sun, realize that this is only a zone 5-8 tree made for southwest Minnesota and it will not survive. These trees need ample light, and they grow up to 80 feet in height. Likewise, you cannot plant a Japanese Maple tree under the scorching sun. These ornamental trees prefer to have some shade.


tree care tips during a hot Minnesota summer : proper mulching

Watering plants may seem easy, and it is, as long as you are attentive to the following tree care tips:

  • Age of the tree. If your tree is newly planted, it will need more attention as it is more predisposed to stress from drought compared to older trees. Similar to drought, excessive watering also causes stress to young tree.
  • Type of soil. The type of soil can impact the growth of a tree, especially during summer. Experts suggest using drained soil, which is a luxury that many don’t have access to. People use compact soil which has clay in it, which resembles a cracked pavement when it dries up. Can you imagine the barrier it can cause to the roots of a tree during hot summer? If you are using compact soil, start by slowly watering the surface and allowing it to break the tension. This is called the pre-wet technique which allows the tree to absorb the water easily.
  • Type of tree. Some trees have a better drought tolerance level compared to others. Hence, it is crucial to study the type of tree you have planted in your yard and what its specific demands are in summer. How much water does the tree need, and how often? These are the two vital questions you must find answers to.

Plan a protection strategy

In addition to mulching and watering the trees, you must find ways to protect them during the hot summer. Here are some tree care tips to consider.

  • Do not use pesticides during summer as the chemicals can burn the tree. Use natural fertilizers only.
  • Steer clear of the tree barks while mowing the lawn as the blades can bark and lead to pest infestation.
  • Consult with a specialist and assess your tree’s health; look out for weak branches to protect your tree during summer storms.
  • Remove weeds around the trunk as they may absorb the water and nutrients from the soil that is essential during the hot scorching summer.