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3 Reasons to Hire a Tree Service in Minnesota

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Home to more than two dozen different species of trees, the state of Minnesota is well known for its versatile topography. From the weather condition to the soil, every aspect is ideal to grow trees that add to the beauty of their surroundings. In addition to the pleasing view, these trees also provide shelter to various wildlife, offer shade on a sunny day, enrich the beauty and improve the quality of life of the residents of Minnesota.


As much as trees are an asset to the neighborhood and the community, they come with their set of issues, starting with landscaping. Trees in your yard are not the same as trees that grow in the forest. These trees need to be cared for regularly. While some of the most common reasons to hire a tree service in Minnesota include a tree being close to an electric wire, lack of knowledge and equipment to trim a tree, and the tree being beyond repair due to damage caused by a recent storm, the three important reasons include

Hire a tree service for disease Control

Trees are very delicate and are prone to various diseases some of which are common and fatal such as chlorosis and hypoxylon cankers that harm oak trees. Some tree diseases that affect the leaves and the bark are visible and can be treated on time. But there are various diseases that kill the tree inside out. Your tree might show signs of a disease and you might not even know that it is dying.

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But, when you avail of the services rendered by tree services in Minnesota, experts visit you and may be able to diagnose the illness before it consumes the tree completely. Diseases such as Dutch Elm disease, diplodia shoot blight, Apple scab, Oak wilt disease, and ash anthracnose can be detected before they cause any serious harm to the tree, ensuring that your trees live a long and healthy life.

Hire a tree service for safety

Cutting down trees can be a risky affair, especially if it is large trees such as oak, fir, elm, and maple trees. From causing damage to your property to risking your life, large trees demand expertise, to be trimmed or removed. If the tree is smaller such as a Japanese maple tree or a dogwood tree wherein you can easily grasp the whole trunk with your hands, you probably can uproot it or trim it yourself. But if it is a large tree it is ideal to call a tree service in Minnesota. Tree service companies are equipped with the necessary equipment that will ensure the prevention of property damage, and also evade accidents.

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Hire a tree service for knowledge and competence

Trees are sturdy and durable. If they are maintained well, they can live a long life. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who grow trees do not possess the knowledge or the skills to maintain trees. There are many unapparent reasons for trees to show signs of a problem which is most times left unrecognized. Problems may arise due to pests and insects, various diseases, decay, or weak branches that pose a threat to the structure around it.

 While some of the problems can be addressed, others would need expert help. In addition to maintenance of the trees, tree services also ensure that tree is in good health, act against pests and insects that harm the trees, help detect various diseases and decay, reduce structural defects, and more. They not only possess the knowledge and competence but also have all the necessary equipment to examine the trees and act as required.

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