Tree care giveaway

2023 Tree Care Giveaway

Tree Care Giveaway

Help us make the planet a better place to live for everyone and everything. We’re giving away 1400 tree seedlings ASAP at our office located at 5620 Memorial Ave. N. Oak Park Heights, MN 55082. Please contact us at 651-335-9565 BEFORE YOU COME BY, if you’d like to stop by and pick some up. NO LIMIT!!! We have 400 White Pine, 300 Swamp White Oak, 300 White Spruce & 400 Bur Oaks. This is our way of giving back to our serviced communities, friends, family and our planet. THANK YOU for loving trees as much as we do. PLEASE spread the word, together we can do great things. Melissa, Kelby & ATC Team.

How to Plant a Bareroot Seedling
White Pine
White Spruce 
Bur Oak
Swamp White Oak
If you have any further questions regarding your newly acquired and planted seedling, please feel free to contact us directly.  
Plant more trees and make the earth beautiful and the perfect place to live